15 Storm In A Teacup Tattoos That Calm Our Restless Hearts

15 Storm In A Teacup Tattoos That Calm Our Restless Hearts

Always remind yourself to not sweat the small stuff with something that embodies your overthinking such as a storm in a teacup.

Also known as ‘tempest in a teapot’, the storm in a teacup expression represents the way one can exaggerate something small – often, a problem that does not even exist to begin with — and blow it out of proportion over nothing. 

Millennials will be more familiar with the term overthinking, which is a dilemma some go through on a regular basis. Even I am guilty of constantly brewing storms in teacups.

But if you want to take hold of the situation and change the way you plague yourself with situations and a million other things that aren't going to happen, get yourself a daily reminder to stand above your demons. I personally find the storm in a teacup tattoo a great idea to help myself heal and take control. Give them a good look too if you're contemplating on letting tattoos be a part of patching up the holes in your sanity.

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