18 Unshakeable Gangster Tattoos

18 Unshakeable Gangster Tattoos

These tattoos inspired by TV and films greatest gangsters make for some intense ink!

They've killed and beaten their way to the top and now they are immortalized on your skin! Gangster tattoos are badass!

In all of TV and film there is one genre that never gets old- the gangsters! Gangster movies and TV shows have entertained and thrilled since the start of modern cinema. Whether completely fictional or inspired by a real person the gangster shows we've watched have provided some of the most memorable characters ever and these characters make one hell of a tattoo!

From the Godfather Vito Corleone to the intense Tony Soprano these gangster tattoos feature the biggest and most feared gangsters to ever grace our screens. They've killed their enemies and sealed their legacies and now they sit proudly as an unshakable tattoo!!

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