19 Thought-Provoking Quote Tattoos

19 Thought-Provoking Quote Tattoos

Choose wisely and make some noise with a tattoo that speaks loud enough without you having to move your lips. Let your ink do the speaking.

One of the best ways to get your message across is to get the words on your skin. In fact, one of the most common tattoos are in script. Whether it's a passage, a lyric, a quote, or a personal mantra, it's there forever so you gotta make it all count. And even if you happen to share the same quote tattoo with about a few thousand more people in the planet, that does not necessarily make your tattoo any less special to you on a personal level. But if you want to make a bigger impact, it's go big or go home when choosing the right words for your quote tattoo.

Here are some of the men and women who not only picked exceptional words but went to the right tattoo artists who knew just what were needed to finish off their quote tattoos.

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