10 Nautical Lifebuoy Tattoos!

10 Nautical Lifebuoy Tattoos!

These lifebuoy tattoos might not save your life but they look good!

A colorful nautical tattoo is always a winner! 

Whether you call them lifebuoys, life-rings or life preservers it's clear what you are referring to, a small ring shaped buoy thrown to a person experiencing distress in water- i.e. when they're drowning!! Aside from saving lives lifebuoys also create a cool tattoo! 

Like many bold tattoos lifebuoy tattoos have a nautical theme and often make a good feature in a larger maritime design such as the Sailors Grave or an anchor tattoo. A colorful and attractive design lifebuoy tattoos are a great little design with a cool look. Enjoy these lifebuoy tattoos and get inspired!!