Taking piercings to the extremes! Corset piercing by Timidbull corset piercing timidbull bodymodification

All About Corset Piercings

Learn more about this bizarre trend: risks, styles, and general info. Warning: graphic content.

Fancy a corset piercing? Here are facts what you need to know. Prepare to be amazed!

Beautiful corset piercing by unknown artist. corset piercing bodymodification
Beautiful corset piercing by unknown artist. #corset #piercing #bodymodification

Corset piercings are multiple body piercings pierced side-to-side in such a way that it can be laced up for the purpose of making it look like a corset. 

A corset piercing in progress. back corsetpiercing bodymodification
A corset piercing in progress. #back #corsetpiercing #bodymodification


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    Corset piercings are intended for aesthetic or performance purposes.

    Bold corset piercing temporary corsetpiercings bodymodification
    Bold corset piercing #temporary #corsetpiercings #bodymodification

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    Most corset piercings are intended to be temporary, typically done with hypodermic needles which are removed after activity is finished.

    Front corset piercing by Jenna Lauray corset piercing jennalauray bodymodification
    Front corset piercing by Jenna Lauray #corset #piercing #jennalauray #bodymodification

    Are you tough enough to handle it?

    Corset piercings on the legs leg corset piercing risks bodymodification
    Corset piercings on the legs #leg #corset #piercing #risks #bodymodification

    RISKS: Corset piercings have the tendency to migrate, heal improperly or reject, which may or may not leave scars, depending on how it was done and how it was cared for.

    Neck corset piercing neck corset piercing bodymodification
    Neck corset piercing #neck #corset #piercing #bodymodification

    HEALING and AFTERCARE: Care for it as much as you do with any piercing or tattoo. However, expect the healing period to be longer and more complicated as the body is dealing with multiple piercings. Keep it sterile, free from abrasion, and follow diligently your professional body piercer's instructions.

    On the arms laced arm corset piercing bodymodification
    On the arms #laced #arm #corset #piercing #bodymodification

    Although, usually shown laced, the lace can't be worn during the healing period as it can put pressure or tension on the fresh piercings which may increase the chance of improper healing, migration or rejection.

    Check out this intricate lacework! corsetpiercing lacework style bodymodification
    Check out this intricate lacework! #corsetpiercing #lacework #style #bodymodification

    Corset piercings come in various styles and artistry. Some get intricate lacings on their backs, some lace up their limbs together, some even do it on their genitals! If it was that easy to get, which style would you go for?

    Tied to one another... literally! lovers couples pierced couple corset piercing bodymodification
    Tied to one another... literally! #lovers #couples #pierced #couple #corset #piercing #bodymodification



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