Alluring Mouth Tattoos by Emily Alice Johnston

Alluring Mouth Tattoos by Emily Alice Johnston

The work of Emily Alice Johnston will have you craving your own stylish mouth tattoo!

With a mixture of blackwork and handpoke styles, these mouth tattoos by Emily Alice Johnston are certainly something a little different.

Tattooing from Into You Tattoo, London, artist Emily Alice Johnston has made a name for herself by tattooing awesome black ink designs. A mixture of blackwork and handpoke, the style of Johnston is one that's fast becoming the must have in the tattooing world. Of course you'll have to check out Johnston's Instagram to see all her amazing work, but to showcase some of her best, here is a collection of her alluring mouth tattoos! 

Sleek and stylish the mouth tattoos of Johnston are an offbeat design you won't see anywhere else!

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