Bold And Bright: Trippy Traditional Bangers By Isaiah Toothtaker

Bold And Bright: Trippy Traditional Bangers By Isaiah Toothtaker

Some just don't understand Traditional. This article is for those who do.

Everybody has different taste. Some people like hyper-realistic portraits, others are more into solid blackwork cut with crisp, clean negative space. Different strokes for different folks, ya know? However, here at Tattoodo, we tend to appreciate the classics. That's right. There's nothing we love more than some bold, bright Traditional tattoos. Simple doesn't always mean easy- and in fact, if anything- simple just means you don't have all that extra shit to hide your fumbles. 

That being said, allow us to introduce to you Isaiah Toothtaker. 

I'm sure all of you Traditional enthusiasts out there are already well-acquainted with him, but for those of you who aren't- you're in for a real treat. Toothtaker (I would be more than willing to say) is the King of present-day Traditional tattooing. Nobody does bold, clean lines and INSANELY saturated color like he does. His super crisp, bright works are nothing short of impeccable. 

So, without further adieu, take a look below at some of our Toothtaker favorites and say hello to your new favorite tattooer. 

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