Brilliant Namakubi Tattoos By Acetates

Brilliant Namakubi Tattoos By Acetates

Namakubi design is a classic in Japanese tattooing and Acetates does them brilliantly!

Graphic and gory, you can't go wrong with a Namakubi tattoo by Acetates!

A classic image in Japanese tattooing, the Namakubi, features a severed head and often a dagger or arrows. Symbolizing an honorable and respectful death, and likewise the meeting of your fate with dignity, the Namakubi is a standout design that you'll either love or not so much!  A well done Namakubi is something to behold, and Acetates certainly does it well!

Working at Immovable Tattoo, Malmo, Acetates tattoos some stunning Japanese work that is sure to blow you away.

You can follow him on Instagram and keep up with his new artwork.

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