Brothers and Sisters Keeping Tattoos in the Family

Brothers and Sisters Keeping Tattoos in the Family

Is there any better way to show the sacred bond you have with your brothers and sisters than with matching sibling tattoos?

Getting tattooed with your siblings can be an awesome way to bond and show your everlasting devotion to your brother or sister. It's not like getting your latest love interest's name tattooed on you, which millions of people have done and lived to regret. A sibling is family, a part of you through thick and thin. 

Sure, your big brother may have tricked you into eating a sandwich covered in hot sauce and pulled your swim trunks down for the whole neighborhood to see, but that was a long time ago and practically nobody remembers it, right? We're adults now, so why not head to the tattoo shop and show the whole world that you are not at all bitter about the time he grabbed the mic at an assembly and told the whole school about the secret crush you had on Mrs. Finklestein, the 8th grade art teacher, and how you were mortified to the point that you faked sick for a week and a half. 

OK, I obviously have some issues that I may still need to work out with my siblings, but the point is that getting a tattoo that shows your unique sibling bond is an awesome way to come back together and show the world that no matter what, you are family. Here are just a few of our favorite siblings showing off their matching sibling tattoos. 

In case you were inspired by this post, check out this other post just about sister tattoos if you are looking for something cute for you and your sister!

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