Cross-Stitch Inspired Tattoos By Mariette

Cross-Stitch Inspired Tattoos By Mariette

Minimalistic red and blue ink tattoos to have a blast!

French tattoo artist Mariette is teaming a witty sense of humor with fun minimalistic tattoos inspired by cross-stitching.

Based in Nantes, France at Turbo Zéro tattoo studio, Mariette is a very unique artist. She practices cross-stitching in all its forms, from fashion to tattoo. 

Mariette enjoys using this technique to give a witty twist to contemporary subjects, such as geek culture and dark humor. She only uses red and blue colors - both in her designs for her fashion brand and for her tattoos. Mariette's ink is thus at the same time minimalistic and cool. 

See more from Mariette on Facebook and Instagram.

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