David Beckham Somehow Found Space For Another Tattoo

At this point, we weren't sure he had any left.

katievidana year ago in Stories

That's right, most beautiful man on earth David Beckham has gotten yet another tattoo. No clue what number it is, considering he is basically covered, but hey. Not important. What's important is, he's got a fresh one and it's really cool. 

Fans first got a glimpse of his newest addition post-gym; the tattoo obviously still very fresh. 

Beckham then posted a photo to his Instagram revealing a close up of his new ink- a beautiful black and grey piece on the lower outside part of his left leg depicting a classical-looking couple. 

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via Instagram (@davidbeckham) #DavidBeckham #celebrity
via Instagram (@davidbeckham) #DavidBeckham #celebrity

Beautiful work, as always. Ya never disappoint, David.