Did Johnny Manziel Really Get A 420 Cannabis Tattoo?

Did Johnny Manziel Really Get A 420 Cannabis Tattoo?

Notorious NFL party boy Johnny Manziel has got himself some new weed themed ink!

Just when you thought Johnny Manziel had done everything...

Not so long ago Johnny Manziel was signing a contract with the Cleveland Browns and looking at a promising NFL career, and while that career may still take him to great footballing heights Manziel has not been without controversy. Most recently Manziel has been linked to a house party that destroyed a rental property, was witnessed fleeing a hit and run after his friend totaled his car into a light post and on top of that he has got himself a 420 cannabis tattoo!! 

Spotted earlier this month Manziel's hand now proudly displays 'CDXX' next to a cannabis leaf. 'CDXX' being 420 in Roman Numerals and 420 a prominent symbol of the cannabis culture. 

Now while there's nothing wrong with stating your love of all things green in a tattoo it's not the best move for an athlete looking for a new team. Manziel was released by the Browns back in March and has lost a number of his sponsors in recent months to, so maybe tattooing 420 next to a cannabis leaf on your hand isn't the smartest of ideas. 

What do you think to Manziel's latest tattoo, fashionable life choice or cry for help? 

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