Did You Know? Dental Piercings Are Trending Again!

Did You Know? Dental Piercings Are Trending Again!

Yes, it's real! Here's some Dental Piercing facts, info and what you need to know.

Would you brighten your smile with a Dental piercing? If you find this interesting, this blog will be helpful. Here are some general facts  and what you need to know. 

Dental piercing is a growing trend among body modification enthusiasts. Unlike typical body piercings, teeth piercing doesn't hurt much. 

The procedure doesn't necessarily need drilling of the tooth.

Usually, the surface gets cleaned up and polished, and a composite is applied in preparation for the sticking of jewellery. Though there are cases, where people get theirs drilled. 

Although the image above is photo-shopped, the idea to put a ring around it is bizarre! Would you go for one, just the stud, or neither?

A dental piercing is very subtle and interesting. Although utmost care is needed to prevent it from falling off and swallowing it! 

Things to avoid: Just like having braces on, one should avoid sticky food and excessive brushing so as not to damage the dental piercing. 

Cost: Dental piercings vary from place to place and starts at $25 and up. Whatever the cost, make sure you find the best place and an experienced professional to get it done. 

Be sure to follow your dental piercer's advice for aftercare and maintenance. Good oral hygiene is key! 

Looks really subtle and nice, if you know how to rock it. 

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