Dynamic Watercolor Tattoos By Joanne Baker

Dynamic Watercolor Tattoos By Joanne Baker

Creative and bright, the watercolor tattoos of Joanne Baker are brilliant!

Filled with all manner of colors and styles these watercolor tattoos by Joanne Baker will have you wanting your own multicolored inspiring piece!

If you love bright and colorful tattoos then it's a safe bet that watercolor designs are some of your favorites. Watercolor tattoos are rapidly becoming one of the must have modern tattoos styles and if you're thinking of getting your own watercolor tattoo then you have to check out the work of Joanna Baker.

Tattooing from Grizzlys Art Tattoos, Coventry, Baker produces some of the brightest watercolor tattoos I've seen. With a bold and dynamic style, the work of Baker will definitely not disappoint. Check out her awesome work below and keep up to date with her on Instagram!

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