Put A Stag Tattoo On It

Put A Stag Tattoo On It

The mighty stag — horned and powerful — works as a tattoo on any body part.

One of the compelling things that separates a two-dimensional piece of art from a tattoo is the canvas. We decorate our homes with art — framed, pinned, plastered — and the decision of where to put that great new art print you got isn't a permanent decision, and has a pretty standard way of being hung and mounted. Tattoo placement is entirely different — every body is different, the art can dictate the placement, the placement can dictate the art. We love to examine the various ways tattoo placement changes the art, the subject, and the wearer, and today we're examining stag tattoos. 

Stags are a great subject to get tattooed onto your bod — they're organic, their horns create great silhouettes, and they're all around known for their mystique and power. Take a scroll through this gallery of stag tattoos adorning different body parts to see how versatile our strong stag friend really is.

Some sweet collar bone use going on there.

See how those horns run up the client's shoulder blades?

Finger horns!

Fantastic placement all around. Swing through the artists' Instagrams for more inspiration, and to learn how to book your own stag tattoo.

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