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Illustrations Of Gorgeous Tattooed Ladies By Tati Ferrigno

Here's some fresh tattoo inspiration from Tati Ferrigno's beautiful illustrations featuring alternative tattooed ladies.

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Tati Ferrigno is a Brazilian illustrator known for her fine illustrations of alternative women sporting tattoos and hair dyed in vibrant hues. Ferrigno modeled most of her tattooed ladies from models and celebrities and then filled them with tattoos in exposed places that are looked down upon on women such as the neck, chest, and face. Through her illustrations, Ferrigno depicts just how beautiful tattoos can be on women with the way they enhance their appearances and give them more edge to their personalities.

Her tattooed ladies' series started out as a personal sketch project but turned out to be the most recognized works by Ferrigno. The Brazilian artist and self-professed cat lady also worked with brands like Miller and Halls in the past.

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