Detail shot of this intricate tattoo by FredericoRabelo

Intricate Black Tattoos by Frederico Rabelo

Fine line and intricate detail work make these awesome tattoos look so interesting!

Black work tattoos are the thing right now that is taking over the tattoo world. We have seen the bold and solid black tattoos now let us feature some of the best fine line and intricate tattoos!

Frederico Rabelo is a tattoo artist from Brazil. With an awesome drawing skill and gift for tattooing, Frederico Rabelo's work is definitely worth checking out! The clean and clever rendition of tattoos, plus the subject matter he chooses to tattoo make the style look so bold yet smooth and elegant.

Check out these black work tattoos by Frederico Rabelo:

Awesome black tattoo by FredericoRabelo
Awesome #black #tattoo by #FredericoRabelo
Thigh tattoos by the amazing FredericoRabelo
#Thigh #tattoos by the amazing #FredericoRabelo
Dark black tattoo by FredericoRabelo
#Dark #black #tattoo by #FredericoRabelo
Awesome bird tattoo by FredericoRabelo
Awesome #bird #tattoo by #FredericoRabelo
Msonic foot tattoo by FredericoRabelo
#Msonic #foot #tattoo by #FredericoRabelo

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Awesome looking hawk backpice tattoo by FredericoRabelo
Awesome looking #hawk #backpice #tattoo by #FredericoRabelo
Skull by FredericoRabelo
#Skull by FredericoRabelo
Awesome creepy ass chest tattoo by FredericoRabelo
Awesome creepy ass #chest #tattoo by #FredericoRabelo
tattoo by FredericoRabelo
#tattoo by #FredericoRabelo

All photos and tattoos from Frederico Rabelo @fredcovil. 



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