Italian Model Is Transforming Himself Into An Alien

Italian Model Is Transforming Himself Into An Alien

27-year-old Cristian, an Italian model and body modification enthusiast, is truly out of this world!

"I want to cover my body with 90 percent of tattoos," says Cristian. "I don't like to see the white parts." 

Yep, you heard that right. He's working on a total transformation, and he uses the look to catch gigs as a fashion model. 

"For me, the look is very important," he says. "Some people go to the gym or get a haircut to look good. For me, a tattoo is the same." 

Cristian confesses in an interview that he wants to look like someone out of this world... that he wanted to look like an alien. Well, yeah! I think he's succeeding. 

A good-looking alien, that is. 

If you're wondering if he has any regrets, he tells that there's not even a bit of it! "I love my tattoos," he says. And that's totally cool! 'cause I love tattoos, too! 

One of his favorite tattoos are on his eyeballs. He had it done to resemble an Alien! 

Watch video below for a quick glimpse on more his tattoos! 

It may be difficult for others to understand or fully take extreme body mods as a normal thing. That's why I respect guys such as Cristian, for boldly choosing to be himself, whatever it takes. Hope this article inspired you to be whoever you choose to be!

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