Kick-Ass Animal Skull Tattoos

Kick-Ass Animal Skull Tattoos

Animal skulls have become objects of fascination in recent years, making them popular tattoos, too.

The symbol of the animal skull has become a popular image in fashion and culture - from prints on clothing to tattoos, jewellery and more - we have become just as fascinated with animal skulls as we are with the human equivalent.

Real animal skulls can be expensive to come by, but resin replicas make a nice alternative. And if wearing a necklace or charm wasn't enough, animal skulls make striking and intricate tattoos.

Lots of detail, often with color and often pure black, you'll never see two animal skull tattoos that look the same. The infinite shapes and sizes found in the animal world, coupled with an artist's ability to interpret the skull within their own style - means that an animal skull tattoo is truly unique.

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