Mico, The Sweet-Faced Tattoo Artist With A Killer Tattoo Style

Mico, The Sweet-Faced Tattoo Artist With A Killer Tattoo Style

Don't let the pretty face fool you into thinking she does subtle because South Korean tattoo artist Mico is one badass tattoo artist.

At first glance, one would have never guessed the artist responsible for the incredible traditional style pieces in the Instagram feed of a South Korean tattoo artist who goes by name, Mico. One would easily assume that these were all the doing of the typical low-key male tattoo artist who is in it for just the art. How wrong was I.

Who would have thought that Mico was this lovely female tattoo artist who operates at Lighthouse Tattoo—the headquarters of mashup tattoo style extraordinaire, Varo? That pretty much explains the bang up job on the tattoos.   

Traditional style tattoos are already quite fantastic as they are but it amazes me how tattoo artists like Mico still find ways in making traditional style tattoos stand out.

With Mico, I've noticed that it's with her color palette—toned down hues which give her works a sort of retro look. By using neutral tones, the tattoos turn out bold which makes them lose a clear focal point and instead, the details come at you all at once. Didac Gonzales, a Barcelona-based tattoo artist also uses a similar color palette.

Mico is also a sought-after tattoo artist not just in Busan, but also outside of South Korea. Half of her fans ask her when she's coming to the US/EU and the other half are trying to book an appointment with her.

According to Meaghan, a previous client who travelled to Busan for the session described Mico as, ‘very professional, great communication despite the fact neither of us spoke each others languages, and she was super patient with creating a custom piece for me.’ 

"Honestly, she is my favorite tattoo artist in the world and I've considered returning to Korea just to get more work done by her"

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