More Colorful Pixel Tattoos Of Lesha Lauz

More Colorful Pixel Tattoos Of Lesha Lauz

Lesha Lauz's tattoo style is completely unique! Her colourful, pixelated tattoo images are like no other.

Bright block colours, little line-work, unusual shapes... we can only be talking about one tattoo artist, and that's Lesha Lauz.

She is a tattoo artist at Mad Fish Tattoos in Moscow, Russia, and would describe her own style as "pixel and glitch tattooing". 

Her speciality is animals, including cats, but her style can successfully add a sprinkle of something unique and special to any subject matter.

Bright colours and a lack of black, solid lines allow her pixel style to really shine as completely original!

Despite having no solid outline, Lesha Lauz's tattoos still manage to be so bold and stand out on even the palest of skin.

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