More Incredible Realism Tattoos By Jak Connolly

More Incredible Realism Tattoos By Jak Connolly

Jak Connolly slays everything as usual with his incredible realism style tattoos.

If you are not familiar with the work of Jak Connolly and you are into awesome realism tattoos, then baby you've struck gold!

Jak Connolly is an awesome tattooer who does insane realism tattoos that just go beyond the next level. He is celebrated in the tattoo scene as one of the most sought after tattooer when it comes to this style. The work of Jak Connolly isn't simply sticking a stencil on the skin and tattooing from the reference, but involves a much sophisticated approach to composition and values.

Here are some awesome tattoos by Jak Connolly, enjoy tattoo heads!

All photos and tattoos from Jak Connolly Instagram: @jakconnollyart

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