Radical Body Piercings In Unusual Places

Radical Body Piercings In Unusual Places

These aren't your everyday, run-of-the-mill body piercings.

Remember when getting your nose pierced or an industrial was kind of a big deal? Well those days are certainly over, because the world of body modification has been taken to its extremes in recent decades. Now people are doing everything from adorning their uvulas with fine jewelry to corseting their entire backs. 

Body jewelry has been cropping up unexpected places, to say the least. We've seen piercings through fingernails, dermals implanted in unthought-of spots, and more and more smilies every day, but people continue to push the boundaries of piercing all the time, laying in rings through the eyelids instead of brows and even having gemstones implanted in their teeth. 

Should you want to get in on the extreme body modification scene, remember to find an expert body piercer to do your work and, above all else, listen to his or her aftercare instructions.

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