Out Of This World Tattoos By Chris Rigoni

Out Of This World Tattoos By Chris Rigoni

Chris Rigoni breaks the stylistic boundaries of tattooing to create beautiful experimental body art

If you appreciate art that does more than break the mold, shattering conventions in the most bizarre of ways, then Chris Rigoni's experimental work is right up your alley. He creates incredibly surreal body art that challenge the boundaries dividing different styles. With their striking hybrid aesthetic, his compositions are at once avant-garde, exquisite, and, above all else, beautiful.   

Abstract lighthouse tattoo #ChrisRigoni #abstract #lighthouse #sea #sunset
Anatomical watercolor heart tattoo #ChrisRigoni #abstract #heart #watercolor #watercolor

Rigoni is an extremely versatile tattooists. He's capable of producing stellar work in nearly every style, ranging from traditional to color realism, but it is his ability to seamlessly unite multiple disciplines of tattooing that's at the heart of his strange work. In any given piece of his, you'll find elements of portraiture, geometry, landscapes, and more. Stylistically speaking, his compositions are veritable cornucopias — radial fusions of the most visually striking elements from the world of tattoos.

Tiger and women's head tattoo #ChrisRigoni #abstract #tiger #womenshead #traditional

If you take the time to break down the various influences that converge in each of Rigoni's tattoos, the conceptual brilliance of his work becomes clear. He expounds on traditional motifs like lady heads, lighthouses, skulls, chrysanthemums, anchors, etc., and merges them with neon geometric sequences, a bit of black and grey realism, and bursts of expressive watercolor. This picking apart of the method behind his compositional madness is part of what makes his body art so exhilarating to take in.   

Abstract tattoo of woman's face, tree and neon blue shapes #ChrisRigoni #abstract #tree #face
Anchor and tudor rose tattoo by Chris Rigoni #ChrisRigoni #abstract #tudorrose #rose #blackwork #anchor
Colorful peony and women's face tattoo by Chris Rigoni #peony #ChrisRigoni #abstract #face
Waves and skull tattoo - so many different styles executed in this fantastic tattoo #ChrisRigoni #skull #waves #watercolor
Abstract peony tattoo by Chris Rigoni #peony #ChrisRigoni #abstract #flower #colorful
Amazing astronaut tattoo #ChrisRigoni #astronaut #colorful #watercolor

To see more of Rigoni's mind-bending tattoos, make sure to take a surreal voyage through his Instagram. Should you want one of his bizarre compositions on your body, he works at Blood Ink in Perth, Australia and can be reached at chrisrigonitattooer@gmail.com with enquiries.

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