Prison Art Helps Mexican Inmates To Work From Behind Bars

Prison Art Helps Mexican Inmates To Work From Behind Bars

Mexican company gives prisoners a chance to help their families while creating unique tattooed designs for handmade bags.

This is how it works: instead of the skin, the artists create tattoo designs on leather. Further, their creativity is converted into different accessories or clothing: bags, briefcases, belts, purses, coats, jackets and wallets. Then, these products are sold worldwide with premium prices.

Prison Art was founded in 2003 by Jorge Cueto and the first boutique was opened in San Miguel de Allende. Now you can find five stores located all around the country - San Miguel de Allende, Cancun Airport, downtown Mexico City, Playa del Carmen, and the Presidente Masaryk Av.

"[There are] no opportunities and decent work, and for many, joining the ranks of crime is the only way out."

It's somewhat therapeutic and a great way for the inmates to be creative, earn some money, and keep away from getting back to the criminal path. The artists make $400 a month, on average. Prison Art foundation has given jobs for about 200 inmates who feel thankful to be able to help their families instead of asking for help.

Jorge Cueto, head of Prison Art via #JorgeCueto #prisonart #tattoofashion #tattoodesign #fashion #handbags
Wallets with skull design via Instagram #prisonart #fashion #tattoofashion #wallet #skull
Purse with tattoo motif via Instagram #prisonart #fashion #tattoofashion #purse #tattoodesign
Clutches with tattoo motif via Instagram #prisonart #fashion #tattoofashion #clutch #skull
Purse by Prison Art with a beautiful wolf design via Instagram #prisonart #fashion #tattoofashion #purse #tattoodesign #wolf

In case you want to learn more about tattoo fashion made in Mexican prisons, follow Prison Art on Instagram and Facebook.

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