Step Into The Ring With CM Punk Tattoos!

Step Into The Ring With CM Punk Tattoos!

Professional wrestler turned UFC fighter CM Punk has some loyal fans who show it ink.

CM Punk tattoos are perfect for any wrestling fan after a cool tattoo!

Phillip Brooks aka CM Punk is a retired professional wrestler and current UFC Fighter, although he is still to have his debut fight. Considered one of the best wrestlers of his generation Punk reached the top of wrestling when he held the WWE title for 434 days, the longest reign since 1988 and sixth longest in history!! No stranger to ink Punk himself is a tattoo lover and has two sleeves, his chest tattoo and his stomach and fingers tattooed. Even his fans have embraced his love of body art and got their own Punk themed design!

CM Punk tattoos are a fun tattoo any wrestling fan can enjoy. A design inspired by one of wrestling's greatest ever performers is always a cool choice and these CM Punk tattoos are just that. Enjoy!! 

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