Sternum Tattoos New Tramp Stamp? Stop Shaming Tattoo Placement!

Sternum Tattoos New Tramp Stamp? Stop Shaming Tattoo Placement!

A meme has been circulated online this week claiming that the intricate under-boob tattoo is the "the new tramp stamp".

The internet loves to shame other people's tattoos. A recent image that pokes fun at the popularity of under-boob designs, has just joined the club.

Sternum tattoos often look similar, no matter what their style. There is one particular shape that best fits that particular part of the body. A big circular or square tattoo in that place, for example, would be very aesthetically unpleasing. The shape of the boobs and stomach draw the eye in a particular way and so your tattoo must be designed in a particular way too.

For that reason, the swirls, shapes and directions of under-boob tattoos can make them often look the same. This means that their popularity is enhanced, and we feel like we see them all the time, even though each piece is actually completely unique.

Their apparent frequency has clearly been the reason for this new 'tramp stamp' label.

For me, a label like this is offensive and unnecessary. Every time this meme is shared, tattoos are talked about in a negative light, and a media injustice is served to the tattoo industry (its clients and artists) once again.

The artist of the original piece in the offensive meme is Chris Browning, aka Bintt, who is a well-known and extremely talented tattoo artist based at Silver Needles in Southend, UK. He's mastered the art of intricate, delicate, patterned tattoos and his work, regardless of placement, is exceptional. 

He shared the meme on his own social media channels this week with the message: "Two years on since I tattooed this beaut and it's still cropping up on Facebook. Still think it looks banging."

Clearly the world agrees, as posts defending Chris' tattoo have been popping up on channels throughout the week.

One studio, Union Tattoo said on their Facebook Page: "Sternum tattoos are pretty beautiful and when done right, fit the body as naturally as any tattoo can, why does the internet feel it needs to shame women's bodies?"

The world needs a little bit of positivity - if we spent less time making jokes at the tattoo fails, and more time sharing the best tattoo art, the industry would be a better place.

That's why, we'll say no more about it, and leave you with some more of Chris' stunning sternum tattoos...

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