Stylish And Delicate Blackwork Of Talented Sasha Masiuk

Stylish And Delicate Blackwork Of Talented Sasha Masiuk

If you're into blackwork, linework and/or dotwork - you're in luck. Tattoo art of Sasha Masiuk will hit you with some serious inspo.

The brilliant tattoo artist Sasha Masiuk can be recognized by her sophisticated tattoo art, creating subtle yet strong blackwork, linework and dotwork pieces.

This young tattoo artist is based in St. Petersburg (and in Moscow), Russia and works at the tattoo shop Sashatattoing. Sasha has always had the passion for drawing, she told in the interview for Tattoo You. She entered the tattoo world just about 4 years ago when she bought the equipment and taught herself the necessary skills. Years later, she owns tattoo studios in St. Petersburg and Moscow where she works alongside with talented tattoo artists such as Anna Bravo, Maria Kalashnikova, Igor Maslennikov and many more. Sasha describes her style as graphic and monotone and she doesn't like to use colors. The designs are done in black and grey linework combined with dotwork to add more volume.

Sasha Masiuk via Instagram @sashatattooing #SashaMasiuk #tattooartist

Her favorite tattoo designs include different flowers, plants, floral patterns and skulls.

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Blackwork dagger tattoo by Sasha Masiuk #SashaMasiuk #sashatattooing #linework #dotwork #blackwork #bw
Pure linework along the backbone #SashaMasiuk #sashatattooing #linework #linetattoo

Sasha is also designing some pretty impressive temporary tattoos that look like they could be real. Actually, sometimes a temporary tattoo can be a great way to get rid of your doubts - whether the tattoo will fit you where you want it and also whether the design is actually what you want on your skin. It's always an option and hey - the good thing is that it's not permanent! Here are few examples of the finest temporary tattoo designs by Sasha Masiuk:

For more tattoo inspiration follow talented Sasha on Instagram.

And, the interview with Tattoo You can be found here.

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