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Tattoo Inspiration is Everywhere!

It's time for your daily dose of tattoo inspiration and it is absolutely everywhere!

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We know you just can't wait for these incredible pieces, amazing photography, beautiful models, and tattoo inspiration... So dive right in and enjoy! :)

Cheyenne Randall, aka @indiangiver, does the fun photoshop work above, adding tattoos to the people in iconic images, like Wonder Woman played by Lynda Carter. What better way to get some tattoo inspiration than shopped icons?? 🙅

Be true to you! 💃

That moment when tattoo inspiration + lingerie go perfectly together.. 👯

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Blown away.. ❤️

Chillin' 🚘

Tattoo inspiration is even present while feeding goats! 🐐

And another epic shot by Cheyenne Randall, aka @indiangiver, of Grace Kelly from the classic film "To Catch a Thief". For more tattoo inspiration from Randall, check out his site

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