#TattoodoBabes Of The Week: Jenah Yamamoto, Raquel Reed & More

#TattoodoBabes Of The Week: Jenah Yamamoto, Raquel Reed & More

A roundup of #TattoodoBabes that won the internet this week...

Another week, another roundup. 

From professional models, to tattoo artists, couples and small town gals, allow us to introduce this week's most beloved babes - chosen by our friends on Facebook. Take a peek and enjoy!

10. Valentina Belleza

9. Taylor

8. Raquel Reed

Pretty hurts. (Instagram: @ihateraquelreed) #tattoodobabes

7. Luna Marie Lom

and her tattooed derriere... (Instagram:@lunamarielom) #tattoodobabes

6. Kara Perry

(Instagram: @hatetowant) wearing her Moldie Goldies. (@moldiegoldie) #tattoodobabes

5. Miryam Lumpini

Space angel. (Instagram: @miryamlumpini) #tattoodobabes

4. Emelie Wigert

3. Brit Curtains

... and this little smoosh face. (Instagram: @britcurtains) #tattoodobabes

2. Katie Allen & Charlie Holmes

and their morning oasis are currently our #relationshipgoals. Coffee, pups, the little things. (Instagram: @katie.c.allen & @charlieholmes) #tattoodobabes

1. Jenah Yamamoto

Jenah Yamamoto aka Gypsy One basks in the glory of a Hawaiian waterfall... (Instagram: @gypsyone) #tattoodobabes
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