The Rich Black and Grey Tattoos of Pete the Thief

The Rich Black and Grey Tattoos of Pete the Thief

Pete Belson aka Pete the Thief is a UK-based tattoo artist known and loved for his developed black and grey works.

If there's anything we can base his jocose moniker to, it's his ability to steal the hearts of his clients with his knockout black and grey tattoos. Tattooing was no smooth road for Pete the Thief as he went through years developing his style to perfect the soft glow his portraits possess. He makes his skin canvases look as if they're charcoal on paper.

From TV icons like Wednesday Addams and Catwoman, to music icons like Tupac Shakur, Notorious B. I. G., and Beyoncé, Pete the Thief got you covered. Find him at Custom Propaganda Tattoo in Botley, UK. You can bet on anything that he believes there's possibly no black and grey portrait his trusty Silverback Ink can't do.

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