The Vivacious Sketch Style Tattoos Of Kati Berinkey

The Vivacious Sketch Style Tattoos Of Kati Berinkey

Hungarian tattoo artist Kati Berinkey takes sketch style tattoos to another level with her vibrant color palette and incredible details.

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the words, ‘sketch style tattoos’ are the tattoos that look as if they were stippled with a series of greyscale strokes from a graphite pencil or charcoal. Since sketch style tattoos aim to look as rough as a draft can get, the pieces often turn out very maculate and raw. The beauty is in the rawness of the tattoo—a style some tattoo enthusiasts would even go as far as seeking out contemporary art style tattoo artists in Europe for.

But this particular European tattoo artist plays up her sketch style quite differently. Kati Berinkey doesn't stop with shadings and rugged details that most sketch style fans go for. She's known for her penchant for wildly vivid colors in her sketch style tattoos which results to a bold, unique piece for the adventurous tattoo collector. 

Despite the clash of two strong elements, Kati knows how to balance each element in her works without turning it into a very busy tattoo design with no specific focal point.

Kati is currently guest spotting all over Europe for the rest of the year, keeping a very busy schedule.

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