Up Your Ink Game With Creative Thumb Tattoos!

Up Your Ink Game With Creative Thumb Tattoos!

Your thumbs make one hell of a blank canvas and are just begging for an awesome tattoo- so get inspired!

Hand tattoos rock and thumb tattoos are the same!

It's always a bold step to get your hands tattooed but if you're going to do it you've gotta go big, so why not throw your thumbs into the mix. Thumb tattoos can be some of the coolest and most inspired tattoos to have, the location of the design can be a little tricky but in the end they look awesome, especially when split across both thumbs! 

These badass thumb tattoos are split over both thumbs and come together to make one great tattoo. From skulls and arrows to goats and spiders, thumb tattoos are rad and we're gonna show you why you need your own kickass thumb tattoos! 

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