Whimsical Disney & Animé Tattoos By The Lovely Sarai Tapia

Whimsical Disney & Animé Tattoos By The Lovely Sarai Tapia

You get the best of both worlds with Californian tattoo artist, Sarai Tapia and her dazzling tattoos featuring Disney and animé characters.

Die-hard Disney and animé fans will no longer have to look further than Elizabeth St. Tattoo's resident Disney/animé specialist, purple-haired Sarai Tapia. A fan of both herself, Sarai gets to do what she loves, drawing up things she likes—nerdy tattoos and Disney classic pieces. It's really a win-win situation here. Plus, I know I would jump at the chance to spend the time with an awesome tattooer like Sarai!

At Elizabeth St. Tattoo, Sarai is the go-to ‘girly’ and pop culture tattoo artist. She can whip up a near-to-pristine likeness of her clients' favorite characters and icons and topping them off with her own touch, making up for a satisfied client and a stoked tattoo artist. 

With her bright and strong pink tones, sparkles, and tons of other cute added details, we can identify Sarai with the kawaii style tattoo tags in all its irresistible glory.

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