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Woman Asks For Disney Princess Tattoo, Gets F***ing Nightmare Instead

In the words of Mick Jagger, "You can't always get what you want."

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So, this story has been circulating quite a bit as of late- and as a result of my extensive research; I am here to set the record straight. 

Mind you, by "extensive research" I mean, reading two other articles about it while simultaneously LOLing, but that's neither here nor there. Here's the break down of what happened-simplified:

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Woman walks into a tattoo shop. Woman asks for a "princess zombie sleeve." Artist says "Ok!" Artist executes (and I use that term loosely) sleeve. Woman goes home. Woman takes pictures of tattoo and posts said pictures on the internet. Internet explodes. 

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Curious about the thought process behind that black blob... tattoofails disneyprincess
Curious about the thought process behind that black blob... #tattoofails #disneyprincess

When this whole thing first started surfacing, the story was that the woman-Sarah Blackley- asked for regular old disney princesses, specifically Snow White and Cinderella, and then she ended up with a horrifying depiction of the ladies- skeletal, with no eyes, yielding a knife. Seems like a bit of a stretch, though, right? 

Since Blackley posted the photos of her tattoo to Facebook the post has gotten over 4 thousand shares. Along with the image, she wrote: 

'I recently got this "tattoo" and I am so utterly disgusted and embarrassed. $400 for what?! I refuse to wear short sleeves. I am a tattoo lover as most of you know, this is on my skin forever,' she wrote.

'I put my trust in him to give me Cinderella and Snow White. I have tried to contact him [the tattooer] prior to this post but no reply. I know how bad this is all I ask is no snarky comments please just share and help these guys get shut down.'

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From Tattoodo App
The shop says that this is the reference that Blackley brought in for her tattoo. I don't see any eyeballs. disneyprincess
The shop says that this is the #reference that Blackley brought in for her tattoo. I don't see any eyeballs. #disneyprincess

A representative for the shop has come forward to (attempt) to defend themselves over this horrendous travesty of a tattoo, and the stories aren't exactly matching up. Apparently, prior to posting the photos, Blackley was well aware that the piece was unfinished and was totally down to complete the tattoo with the same artist at a later date. The representative explained that there were "at least 7 hours more work" (let's take a moment to LOL at the face that anybody on the planet believes 7 more hours would fix this thing) left on the tattoo, and then continued on to say:

"The top half of the tattoo are guides that were going to be shaded in, coloured and completed in her next appointment...

"This came as quite a shock as before she left the studio at her last appointment, she made another appointment to have some more of the tattoo finished two weeks from that day."

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It literally hurts to look at. tattoofails
It literally hurts to look at. #tattoofails

So, despite Blackley's mission to shut down the shop, it seems that she was singing a different tune at the time of the fiasco... by making follow-up appointments.  And, ALSO, despite her claims that she has tried to contact the shop and has been ignored- the representative for the shop, once again, says otherwise. "All we want is to have this resolved," the rep said. "We've sent her five messages but she's blocked us."

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I mean, at least the guy is good at drawing hands. tattoofails
I mean, at least the guy is good at drawing hands. #tattoofails

The shop acknowledges that the tattoo, for lack of a better term, blows. "Yes, the tattoo is bad, but the way she has gone about it is worse. She hasn't called us, messaged us or come into the store." 

It appears that both parties have reached an impasse. 

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Yikes. Just, yikes. tattoofails
Yikes. Just, yikes. #tattoofails

So, yet again the takeaway message remains the same. Shop portfolios, not prices. You get what you pay for, ladies and gents. Be warned.



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