Young And Reckless: 5 Seconds Of Summer Lads And Their Tattoos

Young And Reckless: 5 Seconds Of Summer Lads And Their Tattoos

Move on over, One Direction. The lads of 5 Seconds of Summer can take it from here.

5 Seconds who? Love them or hate them, this boyband is budding tattoo fans like most of us once were and I'm here to check out their tattoo progress so far! I can already hear the fangirls from here!

First things, first. 5 Seconds of Summer is one of the most confusing groups in the music scene right now. With their boyish good looks and catchy pop rock tunes, one can simply stamp them off as an edgy boy band. But their alternative music influences, drums and guitars, and not to mention, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Blink-182 seems to suggest otherwise.

Whatever on earth they may be, the whole are-they-or-are-they-not thing seems to be working out for them as they've gotten the best of both world in the scene. Maybe they're only half as famous and half as hated as One Direction but with rockstar perks like theirs, they shouldn't be one to complain.

From appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine to playing at London's Wembley stadium, these lads got it good. And when people start getting your band tattooed on them, that's when you know you made it. 

To complete the rockstar dreams of some east coast kids from Australia, the 5SOS boys seem to have developed quite an obsession with ink as they've been hitting tattoo parlors since the moment it was legal for them to do so. They're far from done if you ask us, but they got a good start.

Lead guitarist Michael Clifford started with small finger tattoos below and eventually moved on to filling up his arm. He also has his eyebrow and lip pierced.

We can all agree that this decade was all about anchors. Sigh.

For his arm, Michael channeled his rock idols by following suit with some arm band tattoos of his own, each having a different design.

The 5SOS troublemaker is quite the Final Fantasy fan!

Bassist Calum Hood has the most tattoos in the band, with staple pieces like the Native Indian chief on his arm and a series of roman numerals below his collar bone.

Calum talks to Jared Jr. about the tattoo that means the most to him: “This one." [Points to a bird with ‘Mali-Koa’ underneath.]

"It’s my sister’s name. She’s my best friend, and no one else gets me like she does. I go to her for everything"

"I also have a tattoo of my parents’ initials, so they’re always with me. It brings me good luck. Family is everything.”

Recently, 21-year-old drummer Ashton Irwin had been catching up on his tattoos too when he posted a photo of him on Instagram, chilling out under the machine in an unknown tattoo shop. The tattoo turned out to be a heart in later post updates.

Irwin's first tattoo is actually the logo of their band.

“This band means everything to me, and so do my brothers, so I got this!” he wrote on Instagram.

Every band has that member with no tattoos and absolutely no fucks given, either.

Who cares, Luke Hemmings is a ball of sunshine.

Now, check out the 5 Seconds of Summer fan tattoos here!

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