10 Epic One Punch Man Tattoos That Guarantees KO

10 Epic One Punch Man Tattoos That Guarantees KO

Saitama hits it hard with these epic One Punch Man tattoos that put other superheroes to shame!

The ongoing Japanese webcomic comedy, One Punch Man, dominated the memes last year when the animé finally aired from October to December 2015, reaching its web fame peak. One Punch Man centers around young, bald, comical hero with overwhelming strength that allows him to beat all kinds of villains with a single punch, prematurely killing all the suspense. This ultimately bored the young superhero as the story follows him in his journey to find a villain who can resist his strength.

I am actually a bit late in keeping up with One Punch Man, watching it in May 2016. I thought it would actually be quite lame from the start but it was actually hilarious and I've been watching it until all hours lately. Anyway, I'm thrilled to have found a bunch of epic tattoos featuring our new favorite superhero — watch out, Marvel!

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