Flip The Bird At Your Haters With These NSFW Tattoos

Flip The Bird At Your Haters With These NSFW Tattoos

You don't need anybody telling you how to live your life — hammer home the message with these 'eff you' tattoos.

Spring has sprung, and that means one thing: less clothing, more tat-calling. Yeah, you read that right, tat-calling. The minute we all start to show off our legs and arms, our bare collars, and our sultry thighs, we get the usual business:

"Did that hurt?"

"Looks like you can really take it!"

"Hey, pretty tattooed lady!"

Or some folks forgo the verbal abuse entirely and go right to the grabbing. "Wow, let me see!" No, you're a stranger, can you learn some manners and boundaries?

Well, we can't educate everyone all the time, so we have to go another route. Let's say it the best way we can: with tattoos. These tattoos explicitly and clearly say,

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

Yeah, fuck you.

Big nope. Fuck you.

Skate away, haters! Fuck you.

Subtle, but appropriate. Fuck you.

A gentle, loving message: fuck you.

Gorgeous to behold. Fuck you.

Suck on this: fuck you.

Can't hear it? Lemme turn it around for you. Fuck. You.

So, brace yourselves for the summertime, where the jerks will be plentiful and the tat-calls will be ever-so-unique. Maybe equip yourself with some fanciful Fuck You's on your skin, to make your message all the more clear.

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