10 Gorgeous Monami Frost Tattoos

10 Gorgeous Monami Frost Tattoos

Model and Youtuber Monami Frost looks awesome in these portrait tattoos.

What better subject for a tattoo than the beautiful and heavily tattooed Monami Frost!

Monami Frost is a Youtuber and model with an epic tattoo collection that covers her face, neck, torso, legs and arms. Perhaps one of the most famous tattooed women on social media, Frost has a huge following and a few of her fans have taken the plunge and followed her tattooed example by getting their own Monami Frost tattoo!!

Definitely an eye catching tattoo these Monami Frost tattoos capture the spirit and essence of Frost perfectly, some of them have even been tattooed by Frost's husband- tattoo artist Anrijs Straume! Take a look through these great Monami Frost tattoos and enjoy!

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