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10 Tips for Making a BOMB Tattoodo Post

So you wanna write for Tattoodo? Here's how to KILL IT!

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Tattoodo is an online community and media platform that presents the best and most relevant tattoo content in the world. Whether we’re featuring traditional Japanese bodysuits, black and grey portraiture, or Rihanna's newest tattoo, we want to showcase our content from the most engaging angle and maintain a narrative that is edgy, playful, and informative. So are you ready for Tattoodo Content 101? Here are the top 10 tips to making a killer post..

1. Start with an engaging title!

The title is the key to the post. It's what's gonna show up everywhere from the Tattoodo app, to social media, and even straight up OG Google. Make sure the title is engaging, relatable, and includes the most appropriate keywords for the post. Some cool examples are:

Neck Tattoos, And Why Your Artist Won't...

A Hilarious Take On What Your Piercing Says About You

Bella Thorne Can't Stop Won't Stop Getting Minimalistic Tattoos

10 Small(ish) Tattoos for the Minimalist in You

2. The dopest feature image

The first thing a reader sees when opening a Tattoodo post is the feature image, so it's gotta be ON POINT. A great feature image sums up the post perfectly while also making the audience keep clicking and scrolling. Whether it's a quality tattoo or an epic shot of a tattooed model, thread the line between reppin' the post and engagin' the users. Here are some examples:

From Tattoodo App
It's Saturday Ya'll @lunamarielom tattoodobabes
It's Saturday Ya'll @lunamarielom #tattoodobabes

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3. There's gotta be good images for FB

Tattoodo's Facebook page is blowin' up! Our followers love engaging content, so we want to make the posts stand out in their newsfeed. By selecting images to combine into sweet FB link images (these are always wide rectangles in shape). These social images work across other platforms as well, serving as a cool snippet of the post. Some examples below...

Two examples of Facebook cover images for posts
Two examples of Facebook cover images for posts
Two examples of Facebook cover images for posts
Two examples of Facebook cover images for posts

4. Key in on keywords in the title, subtitle, intro and the text

This one's all about SEO! Whether your post is focused on a specific style (ex: Realistic Tattoos), a motif (ex: Skull Tattoos) or a story (ex: Justin Bieber's tattoos) - or all 3, you gotta include these keyword(s) in the title, subtitle, intro, and text. A good example: "Justin Bieber got a killer realistic skull tattoo!"

5. Expand your title with a descriptive sub-title

The post has GOT to have a catchy sub-title. This should be a sentence or two tops that includes keywords from your articles title. For example, if your blog is titled “10 Classic and Beautiful Rose Tattoos ” your intro might read “Arguably the most classic design in tattoo history, rose tattoos are both beautiful and timeless. ”

6. Short posts should have 3-5 content blocks / Long articles 10+ content blocks

Mix it up! We put out a selection of shorter "story" posts and longer quality tattoo content coverage on the DAILY, so that our readers can check out the topics and post types they are most interested in.

7. Alternating text + images

Don't catch 'em sleepin! Long texts aren't cool on phones, where most people are checkin' out Tattoodo, so images should be followed by brief text blocks to provide continuity and flow. Be careful with making the text too long in a single block as it will occupy the reader's entire phone screen. Keep it short and sweet as you break up your texts between the pictures. 

8. Proper Captioning of Images

We gotta keep improvin' Tattoodo's Discover image bank! For tattoos, a descriptive caption is ideal, with appropriate categorization of style, motif, and a reference of the tattoo artist. For other post types, references of the models and/or photographers is also requested. Remember that these images will stand alone in the Tattoodo app's image bank, so the caption should work whether in the context of the post or not. Captions should also include hashtags of the style, motif, and artist for searchability within the app. Remember to “Body Tag” in the drop-down menu under each image. If not applicable, click “None”.

Check out the examples below: 

From Tattoodo App
Minimalistic black and grey dotwork moons by Guga Scharf @gugauecz tattoodo minimalistic blackandgrey dotwork moon moons GugaScharf gugauecz
Minimalistic black and grey dotwork moons by Guga Scharf @gugauecz #tattoodo #minimalistic #blackandgrey #dotwork #moon #moons #GugaScharf #gugauecz
Jessica Paige
From Tattoodo App

9. Use the right tattoo terminology = double-check with Tattoo Specialists

ALL HAIL THE TATTOO SPECIALISTS! The Tattoodo Content team includes these Pros to help ensure that our posts feature high-quality tattoos and speak in a voice that is knowledgeable and appreciative of the tattoo community.

10. Keep the Tattoodo voice ALIVE

Stay true to TATTOODO! The Tattoodo voice is edgy, playful, and informative. The voice represents keen awareness on current trends in the tattoo industry as well as what’s going down in pop culture. The language style is predominantly US English-based and heavily influenced by social media (i.e. go nuts with emojis and slang). Be original, be creative and have fun!

Now you're ready to roll! BOOM!!!



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