11 Fantastic Bob Dylan Tattoos

11 Fantastic Bob Dylan Tattoos

One of the worlds most influential musicians inspires some amazing body art.

Bob Dylan tattoos are inspired by a number of moments from the musicians life and cover the key periods of his career. 

Robert Allen Zimmerman, or Bob Dylan as you know him, is one of the most influential musicians in history and helped define a genre. With a career spanning 50 years Dylan rose to prominence in the 1960s where his folk songs inspired by social unrest spoke to people on a number of levels. His music was seen as a backdrop to the civil rights and anti-war movements and his legacy was built on such a foundation. 

A true music legend if ever there was one, Bob Dylan has amassed millions of fans and some have been moved enough to commemorate their love of the musician in ink. Bob Dylan tattoos are a stylish music inspired tattoo and come in a number of great styles. Take a look at these Bob Dylan tattoos and see which one jumps out to you!! 

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