12 Cowboy Inspired Rodeo Tattoos

12 Cowboy Inspired Rodeo Tattoos

Wanting a true western inspired tattoo, how about a rodeo design!

Perfect for anyone not wanting to mount a real bull these rodeo tattoos are pretty rad! 

Created to test the skill and ability of cowboys and cowgirls rodeo is biggest in Northern American and Canada. Here, brave riders hop on the back of livestock and show what they've got - with the intent of staying on the animal for as long as possible. A classic cowboy sport, rodeo has transferred to the tattooing world and rodeo tattoos have become a popular cowboy themed tattoo, especially in an old school traditional style. 

An energetic design and recognizable subject means rodeo tattoos are popular across the world and will no doubt make a cool tattoo where ever they're done. Take a look at these cool rodeo tattoos and enjoy cowboy tattoos at their best! 

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