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15 Lasting American Buffalo Tattoos

A strong design that stands the test of time! Buffalo tattoos just look better with age!

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Buffalo tattoos are bold tattoos best done in a classic traditional style. 

Buffalo once roamed the grasslands of North America and neared extinction in the 19th century after over hunting and slaughter, in the 1880s only 541 buffalo remained in North America. Thankfully after decades of conservation and protection buffalo are no longer endangered and number over 500,000. A robust and lasting animal buffalo have long been a symbolic creature, largely in Native American cultures, but also in tattooing. 

The American grasslands most iconic animal translates beautifully onto the skin and buffalo tattoos look awesome. Best done in a classic old school style buffalo tattoos suit color or blackwork and either way will leave you with a bright and bold tattoo that'll be the envy of others. Take a look at these cool buffalo tattoos and enjoy some frontier ink!


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