16 Tattooed Legs That Scream ‘Total Leg Sleeve #Goals’!

16 Tattooed Legs That Scream ‘Total Leg Sleeve #Goals’!

With great pairs of tattooed leg sleeves like these, you don't need much to get everyone's heads turning.

Great pairs of leg sleeves require a lot — a great tattoo artist, decent pain tolerance, dedication, investment, etc. It's not something you walk into a shop for and expect you'll be leaving with one finished. These things take years. But when you see the finished work, everything else will be worth it just to feel like a walking piece of art. Just ask these ladies and gents who braved the needle and took time off their lives to complete their own leg sleeves.

Wear your cutest short shorts to show off those long, tattooed legs.

Leg sleeve goals, artist unknown. #legsleeve #japanese

If  a leg sleeve can mean anything, it only shows someone's sheer dedication and patience to complete one — not an easy task.

Leg sleeve goals by Spider Murphy Tattoo. #legsleeve #spidermurphytattoo #traditional
Photo by Jane Dredos. #goals #legsleeve #janedredos

Two forms of dedication in one.

Leg sleeve goals by Aston Reynolds #goals #legsleeve #mandala #astonreynolds

Some people tend to stick with one, solid theme in their leg sleeves to prevent awkward tattoo clashes.

It's always fun to go tattoo-twinning with your best pals!

Throw on a pair of your trusty Doc Martens to go together with that sweet leg sleeve.

Healthy living all the way!

Who says corporate attire and leg sleeves can't go together?

Monami Frost with her sweet leg sleeves — courtesy of talented tattoo artists like her husband, Anrijs Straume — prove that having kids can't possibly prevent her from feeling good and looking good in and out.

Show them off when you're having fun under the sun!

Tattoo artist and model, Hannah Pixie Snowdon-Sykes's pooch seems to be loving her leg sleeve as much as she does!

Play peek-a-boo with tight ripped jeans.

Pair them with your sexiest platform shoes.

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