21 Incredibly Juicy Peach Tattoos

21 Incredibly Juicy Peach Tattoos

These peach tattoos sure got me mad and salivating for some juicy peach slices! Stay peachy!

Aside from being infamously used as a butt substitute in emojis, peaches make a good healthier substitute for dessert. You know what else they're good for? They also make good tattoos. 

With their reputation as a butt emoji substitute, one shouldn't be surprised to know that they're also often associated with the female genitalia. In Chinese symbolisms, peaches are associated with longevity while they're linked with fertility, virginity, and youth in the West. 

All that talk sure got me drooling for some juicy peaches! 

Aren't into peaches? Try strawberries instead. You'll love them.

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