26 Perfectly Sublime Tattoo Designs For Sisters Or Best Friends

26 Perfectly Sublime Tattoo Designs For Sisters Or Best Friends

If you are lucky enough to have a sister or a BFF that is as close as one why not get a matching tattoo to show your unique bond?

My first post of sister tattoos began inspiring a lot of siblings to get tattooed together so much I decided to look for even more meaningful and beautiful designs for you. Searching The Internet for tattoo ideas can sometimes be a bit overwhelming but that's where an awesome tool like Pinterest comes in. Pinterest has some great boards dedicated to tattoo ideas and so to give you guys a good start in finding that perfect tattoo. I decided to look through some of them to pick out the coolest ideas for you and your sister or best friend. 

Many sisters are so close they are best friends and for those of you out there, who don't have a sister -  sometimes our best friends are just like family. So, this post is not only for your blood sisters but also for your soul sisters who are so important to you that they are part of your family no matter what. 

In Hawaiian culture, they have a word OHANA which is an expression for family. But they define family being not only through blood relatives but also those you chose to include in your close circle. So if you are looking to show your special bond with a sister or best friend these tattoos might just give you some cool inspiration... take a look!

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