8 Black and Badass Eel Tattoos

8 Black and Badass Eel Tattoos

Let these badass fishes wave on your skin.

Eel tattoos are celebrating the rough beauty of animals of the depths.

Moray eels are the most coveted eels for tattoos, with their fierce look. Some moray eel tattoo owners may also be fans of Disney villain Ursula... The serpentine look of eel tattoos is one of their best advantage. They seem to float on skin. Electric eels can add a touch of rock'n'roll, while peaceful eels can be just poetic. They can be an original counterpart to snake tattoos. If you want more oceanic inspiration, check these impressive eel tattoos.

Moray eel tattoo by Jussi Kokkarinen / Impact Tattoo #eel #morayeel #blackwork #JussiKokkarinen
Eel Tattoo by Cheyenne Sawyer #eel #traditionaleel #traditional #CheyenneSawyer
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