8 Commanding Doctor Doom Tattoos

8 Commanding Doctor Doom Tattoos

Comic villains never fail in their ink prowess!

Doctor Doom tattoos are some of coolest Marvel villain designs around.

Doctor Victor Von Doom has tormented the Marvel Universe and its heroes for years. The super-villain, inventor, sorcerer and leader of Latveria has spent decades as the Fantastic Fours nemesis but also crossed paths with the Avengers. Ranked as one of Marvels greatest villains Doctor Doom has the look to match his title. His long cloak and metal mask make up a fearsome and mysterious appearance that has come to haunt many Marvel superheroes. 

Doctor Doom tattoos are villainous design if ever there was one and capture the dark nature of a true bad guy. Would you be bold enough to get a Doctor Doom tattoo? Checkout these awesome Doctor Doom tattoos while you give it a think. 

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