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8 Traditional Buck Knife Tattoos

The pinnacle of pocket knives makes the coolest old school knife tattoo.

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Buck knife tattoos are perfect design for a classic old school tattoo!

American knife manufacturer Buck Knives are credited with inventing the 'folding hunting knife' and such is their influence that the term 'buck knife' has come to be used on folding lockback knives in general. However their is only one buck knife and it is that knife that sits as the classic folding knife. With it's beautiful wooden and brass handle the buck knife is what comes to mind when most people picture a traditional pocket knife, it's no surprise then that buck knives make one sleek tattoo!

Buck knife tattoos capture the classic knife in all it's glory and celebrate it in a bold traditional style that suits the knife perfectly. A truly American traditional design buck knife tattoos look cool and sit beautifully on the skin. Checkout these buck knife tattoos and enjoy some bold old school tattooing. 

Robert Davies
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Robert Davies
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