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A Flower Tattoo For Each Month Of The Year

Honor a loved one by getting their birth month flower.

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Getting a commemorative tattoo is a beautiful way to honor somebody- because that shit isn't going anywhere.  

There are tons of ways to pay tribute to someone through a tattoo; whether it's a portrait, some beautiful script, a date or- you guessed it- a flower. Today we're talking about the latter, and providing you with some of the most gorgeous floral tattoos around as inspiration. Enjoy!

January: Carnation

Carnations typically represent pride, beauty, admiration, fascination, distinction and divine love. 


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    February: Iris 

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    The Iris symbolizes friendship, hope and passion. 

    March: Daffodil 

    The Daffodil usually represents rebirth and new beginnings, specifically when presented in a bouquet- along with the promise of happiness and joy.

    April: Daisy 

    Daisies are the epitome of joy and playfulness. 

    May: Lily 

    Lilies are the symbol of purity of heart, majesty and honor.

    June: Rose

    Roses are arguably the most popular of flowers- and for good reason. They represent love, passion, beauty and perfection.

    July: Delphinium 

    Delphiniums are representative of an open heart. 

    August: Gladiola 

    Most often associated with strength and moral integrity, the Gladiola is August's flower. 

    September: Aster 

    Resembling a wildflower, Aster's are said to have magical powers and are often symbols of  love and elegance.

    October: Marigold

    Affection and grace are the sentiments behind the Marigold. 

    November: Chrysanthemum

    These flowers symbolize optimism and happiness. 

    December: Poinsettia 

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    In the spirit of the holidays, Poinsettia's represent good cheer and merriment. 



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